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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Here at Nickel Support we organise social events for both our trainees and their parents and carers. This past year Covid put a stop to that, though we did host some very successful family zoom quizzes over the first lockdown. We are really looking forward to hosting our Nickel awards night and Christmas party again this year.

Many parents have told us how the social the events we host are unique to our service and how much they love the opportunity it gives them to connect with other parents and carers. We chatted to Joe's mum Sam about her friendships she has made through Nickel.

Sam met Sue at a Nickel party which seems like a lifetime ago now. After a chat and a laugh together they then realised they lived close to one another. From then the friendship blossomed and they now see each other as extended family. They see each other regularly, whether it’s a quick pop round for a cuppa/ walk to chat about any concerns and share emotions both happy and sad, to enjoying a fun lunch or celebrating the New Year together.

Talking about her friendship with Sue, Sam said:

“As parents of someone with a learning disability our experience of life has been a fight with many battles. Amongst lots of happy times there's also those times when you want to hide away and not come out. But knowing I have someone around the corner, a phone call or a coffee and chat away makes life seem brighter on both dark and sunny days. I know any issues we have, we will help one another as best we can.

What makes the friendship so special is being able to be me, not just a parent who has to fight for her son. It’s lovely to be able to speak about anything regarding myself or Joe and not be judged. We often forget about ourselves as parents so friendships are precious to be able to offload and share both the good times and the bad.

One of my favourite sayings is:

‘True friends are there whether it’s sunny, drizzly or a downpour.’

This is very true with my friendship with Sue and it’s one which will be with me till my dying days.

Without Nickel I wouldn’t have had the opportunities to form these precious friendships, so Thank You!”

At Nickel we want to look after our parents as well as our trainees. With that in mind Elena will be starting emotional support groups for parents in the near future. A place to share concerns and connect with other parents.

If you would like more details about that or our service please contact Elena on:

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