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All sessions we deliver at Nickel Support have a real purpose to them and they not only contribute to the overall growth of the trainees, but they are also integral to the development of the Enterprises



This is our most popular enterprise at Nickel Support, in which the team produces wonderful products, which are sold in our ‘Interestingly Different’ shop and online. The team learns the art of turning a tired/old piece of furniture into something beautiful. 
The trainees are involved in all aspects of the process, from designing the piece of furniture, through to giving the final coat of wax. 

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The trainees learn the art of Jesmonite - an eco-friendly resin, to produce a range of homeware pieces. Developing their numerical and creative skills. Pieces include coasters, trinket trays and pots. The end goal being to sell these items online and instore at our shop, Interestingly Different.



This enterprise is focused around our food products. The trainees are taught kitchen safety and food hygiene skills. Products are produced and packaged, ready to be sold in our shop. We currently have a delicious range of handmade jams and chutneys and teabags, and we are currently developing new products to launch.
Alongside this the trainees also bake a range of cakes to be sold each week at our cafe.

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Throughout the week we run cookery sessions for trainees to learn new recipes, or to practice ones they have made before. The aim of this session is for the trainees to fully understand the process of making each dish, so they are able to cook it for themselves or their family at home.




This session gives our trainees the opportunity to learn new skills in a real work environment. Trainees get the opportunity to learn how to deal with customers as well as serving skills, understanding food hygiene and undertaking barista training. Trainees are also interacting with customers which helps them build confidence and communication skills.



Trainees have the opportunity to work in the Interestingly Different shop, getting involved with all aspects of retail. This could be on the shop floor working behind the till, Maintaining the shop floor or downstairs managing the stock or packing online orders.



In order for anyone to be fully engaged at work and in life, we believe it is  important for people to feel good both mentally and physically. Trainees can take part in mindfulness sessions, which are a fantastic way to relax your body and calm your mind.



The dance sessions are a fantastic way for trainees to let loose and strut their moves around the studio. The trainees taking part in these sessions have the energy to perform to a much higher level in the employment related sessions ... and they also have a little extra sass in their step!



Exercise enhances our physical and mental wellbeing, helping prepare our trainees for the world of work. Each exercise session is tailored to the needs of the trainees taking part, ensuring they get the most out of it and are ready to attack the rest of their sessions with lots of energy.

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