Nickel Support is a not-for-profit community interest company supporting adults with learning disabilities. We offer day opportunities from 10am-6pm Monday-Friday.

On any given day there are three sessions:

  • 10am-12pm

  • 1pm-3pm

  • 4pm-6pm

In general trainees use personal budgets to pay for sessions and attend Nickel Support for up to ten sessions per week. Each session has relatively small numbers of trainees in attendance, as we believe you lose quality if staff have too many people to support.

We offer a variety of sessions, all of which serve the purpose of developing social enterprises which are developed and run by the trainees themselves.

The aim of the sessions is to develop skills and confidence with the trainees, with a particular focus on employment. The trainees interact with customers, develop computer skills, grow in confidence, learn about pricing and numeracy, develop writing skills, undertake physical exercise, understand the values of team and above all have fun! By teaching the trainees the basics of business we are supporting them to develop their own social enterprises.

Our weekly Community Cafe gives parents, carers and members of the public the opportunity to see our trainees in action.

We take pride in the fact we do not just do sessions for doing a session sake, everything has a purpose and there is a real feeling of going to work and being part of a team. Have a look at the slides below to get more of a flavour of the sessions.



Our enterprises comprise of upcycling, reupholstery, soft furnishings and Jams and Chutneys. We run these sessions to create products which we sell and in turn use any profits to pay our trainees a wage.




Our cafe is currently closed due to COVID

Every Friday from 2-5pm Nickel Support runs a pop-up cafe in a church round the corner from the Hub. We sell wonderful homemade cakes, fresh coffee (and other hot drinks) and even have an area for your kids to play whilst you kick back, relax and have a catch up with your friends. 

It is also an opportunity for our trainees to develop customer service and build confidence. Any profits we make go back into the organisation and will go towards paying the trainees a wage. 

Please come and join us when you can and sample a cake or two: 


Ruskin Road