Over the years we have had contact with many people with learning disabilities and their parents/carers, and we believe that we can put what is most important to them into three distinct areas, referred to as Purpose Pods:

  • Health

  • Relationships

  • Employment

These are integral to the core of Nickel Support, and we believe that growth in these areas is the key to people with disabilities having a more fulfilled life.



The team are passionate about making a real positive impact in the lives of the people we work with, and therefore want to make sure we are progressing all trainees.


We use a number of ways to ensure that we are setting appropriate goals and measuring them effectively, however it is our impact measurement tool 'Upshot' that really allows us the opportunity make tangible change. It allows to track trainees' growth when they are with us, with a focus centred on the Purpose Pods. 

Staff are able to track and adapt goals in real time, with the ability to offer detailed reports of every trainee as and when needed, for example in annual reviews. 



Read Charlies story and about the successes of some of our other trainees over on our blog:



Alongside running our in house enterprises where we create our own employment opportunities, we also have a Job coaching service available for trainees within our service who would like the opportunity to gain external work experience and employment.

Our Job Coach works closely with these trainees, firstly focusing on job search techniques, CV writing and interview skills.

We also look for work placement opportunities with organisations within the local community. With the goal to run twelve week placements with the possibility of paid employment at the end.

Throughout these placements our job coach is on hand to support both the employer and employee by:

  • Breaking responsibilities into practicable chunks 

  • Helping the trainee understand what is of expected of them

  • Support the trainee with the interview process

  • Communicating with employees/managers

  • Working alongside the trainee if required

  • Supporting the trainee to develop relationships with other employees



In addition to our ‘In house’ service we also provide Community support for adults with learning disabilities living independantly in the local community. 

Our dedicated staff team work closely with the individuals we support. Assisting them in weekly tasks such as shopping, cooking and maintaining their homes. As well as supporting them in other activities that interest them, giving them more freedom and in turn, a more fulfilling life.