My Nickel Experience - Elena

Hiya I'm Elena and together with Nick we set up Nickel Support. We realised there weren't enough opportunities for people with learning disabilities outside of the traditional avenues. We wanted to break down barriers by making changes to how things are done. Running Nickel Support has truly changed my life. I wake up excited to go to work. Seeing the impact we've had in all those involved with Nickel is more than we hoped for when we first started this company. Our social model is the way forward, in ensuring that those with learning disabilities are in employment and enjoying life. Nickel Support is breaking down tradition and changing societies perceptions. One of the most challenging aspects of the job is making sure we get the right balance, in the beginning it was getting people to believe in us. I am inspired by seeing the service, trainees and staff grow. "I dream about work" - dreams not nightmares! This is my Nickel Experience... what is yours

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