My Nickel Experience - Sue

My name is Sue Davidson and my son Alex comes to Nickel Support. I came to know Nickel through a social worker, who thought he could get a sense of purpose and belonging by going there...which he has done. Alex has developed and flourished at Nickel, it's made a big difference. I don't have to worry, I know that he is more fulfilled than he has ever been.

On a personal level it has improved the lives of the family as a whole, knowing that he is happy. I saw the way Alex talks with everyone at the end of year awards and when we met up at the pub, and can see he has formed good relationships at Nickel.

I know that he gets the same support as he would if at home. Elena always informs me and asks whether I am happy with decisions being made. I hope Nickel Support continues to grow and provide all the wonderful things they do This has been my Nickel Experience..what is yours? #LDREVOLUTION

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