A poem that brought a tear to our eyes

A few weeks ago a past trainee sent us a poem about his time at Nickel and how great the service had been for him. We think its brilliant so had to share it with you.

Heera started at Nickel Support back in 2015. At the time he had low confidence and struggled to be around big groups. We worked closely with him and slowly watched his confidence grow. Recently he has left Nickel to take on part time employment in a supermarket, We are so proud of what Heera has achieved in such a short time and look forward to hearing how he gets on in the next exciting chapter of his life.

If your life is in a pickle Have no fear and come to Nickel. I came to them in 2015 with very little hope They listened with patience to all my problems From day 1 they helped me cope. I learnt new skills and my confidence grew

My life transformed from old to new. They bought the smile back on my face and I also began to have some fun. Nickel support is like my family and Elena is like my mum. But a new challenge awaited so I knew my time here at Nickel was done. Thank You Team Nickel I love you all For more information please give Nick or Elena a Call. From Heera Atwal

Heera enjoying himself at last years Nickel Awards 2016

If anyone else would like to write a few words about their time at Nickel or what Nickel means to them as a parent or carer we would love to hear from you.

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