My Nickel Experience - Sam Hart

Hi I'm Sam Hart and I was introduced to Nickel Support when my son Joe came on-board four years ago...

So far, my journey with Nickel Support has been so positive!

I worked with people with learning disabilities when I was helping in a nursery school a few years ago. I want their future to look like our does now; for everyone to be more open and willing to accept the person for who they are and to be more welcoming to people with learning disabilities especially in the work place... Just like Nickel Support!

Nickel Support has changed my parenting experience, with Joe learning something new everyday! I've met amazing people along the way who are so lovely and passionate!

In my opinion, Nickel Support has a big future in front of them, with lots of opportunities and venues they can go down to become even greater than what they are now.

If I had to describe Nickel, I would say, for me it feels like a home from home, a happy place where everyone is very friendly, welcoming and simply perfect!

This is my Nickel Experience, whats yours?


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